Friday, 20 February 2009


HEY!! (>^-^)>

I HATE being bored!!
And one way i stop myself from going insane with it is crafts and deco!
Which is obviously something that comes with being hime so i <3 it

So i pretty much did nothing all day apart from that LOL!
I was supposed to go into the city center with a friend so she could complete some NVQ work but..yea..that fell through cause were both lazy bums! lol

My friend wanted to hear more about my dog foxy,
He's a long haired chihuahua he's 3yrs old, I've had him for about 8months but it feels like forever!!

He's extremely loving and likes to come under the covers with me whenever he's allowed (not when i have new sheets on the bed lol)
I do dress him, but only to go outside when its cold!
He LOVES his carry bag!!! he jumps in it at any chance in hope of going out some place!..infact he jumps in any bag that's laying around lol!
And here is my little Foxy..
This was taken about 2 weeks ago when we had snow!

And this is his Xmas picture LOL!!!

Night night gorgeous!

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