Friday, 13 March 2009

Raindrops on roses...whiskers on kittens...

I'm snowed under at the moment..I've been feeling under the weather after drinking a RIDICULOUS amount for a friends birthday! And that was last Saturday...I can't even remember half of it!! But while with my friends i had a great time (^-^)
You can tell I'm arms all bendy n
(we were right near the smoke machine TUT!)

Anyway house moving is still in progress...i think we start moving stuff bit by bit in about a week or two, hence the get together at mine on Saturday..I WILL NOT DRINK UNTIL I ACT A FOOL, But don't quote me on that cause god knows i like to have a few and dance around like a gangster to Hakuna Matata!
Then we have to worry about my mums wedding, i still think my bridesmaid dress is too slutty, oh's not a big fancy wedding anyway, the most important thing is that my mum and her boyfriend are happy.

Something that's been bugging me recently..
.... i know someone who's partner is an asylum seeker, and the court have ordered that he resides in her household and he cant get a national insurance number or work until they've decided what they're doing (basically leaving them in limbo for about 2yrs) and my friend really can't afford to pay for her house on such a low in this situation you would think she would receive housing benefits right??...WRONG... they wont give her any help because she has someone living in her house who doesn't have a national insurance number!!! Seriously, what kinda catch 22 is that!!?? As far as i can see the state should be giving her money to have this man staying with her rather than him staying in a prison for years until the decision is made... Someone with authority to do so needs to have a look at that subsection and correct law is telling her he has to reside with her the other is saying she cant receive help with him living there.
what kinda messed up scenario is that!!?

I've been helping a friend out recently, I've known Traedonya since i joined myspace and we've kept in touch for about 4 years now, she gave me a ring the other day and asked if i would mind helping out with online promo up until the release of her debut I'm going to give it go!

Basically shes a musician from NY who tours ALOT :)
Her new single is called "I'll give it 2 u" and it's got a real Lucy pearl'esc neo soul sound to it (also check out the remix ft Patra) its definitely one to bump in the summer (^-^) and lucky her shes going to be a featured artist on itunes very soon...big things a gwaaan!
Anyway you can find more details on Traedonya here : traedonya's myspace

Peace and love gorgeous